Exchange Rates

Last Change (GMT): 11/17/2018 2:22 PM

  • Service Rate
  • EUR/USD 1.13
  • USD/AED 3.68
  • EUR/AED 4.17
  • USD/IRR 127,000
  • IRR/AED 1
  • EUR/IRR 142,000

Register term

Agreement TOPchange

Agreement is accepted by Users of the Site

This Agreement sets forth the specific rules applicable to Users of the site (hereinafter TOPchange) for all services provided TOPchange. The Agreement specifies the rights and obligations of User. User must read this Agreement and confirm acceptance of the terms of TOPchange.
Parties to this Agreement are the User and TOPchange (

Description of Service and Rules
  • TOPchange service provides a quick exchange of units of electronic payment systems to deposit.
  • TOPchange provides its services to any User of electronic payment systems supported TOPchange.
  • TOPchange not check the legality of possession with tools, offering users to share, and does not supervise the operations of the User in any of the electronic payment systems.
  • TOPchange states that each and every transaction for the exchange of units of electronic payment systems can not be canceled after it is completed - received by users due to him under the terms of the deal.
  • TOPchange not a party between the electronic payment system and its Users and is not responsible for the misuse or illegal use of appropriate systems and for abuse of the functionality of the system.
  • TOPchange guarantees accepted for exchange at the rate of exchange offers, published on the website TOPchange.
  • Exchange of units of electronic payment systems are set TOPchange and can they be changed at any time in its sole discretion. Published on the Service website information on the amount offered for the exchange of units of electronic payment and exchange rates, the public offer.
  • TOPchange not responsible for delays or failures in the course of the transaction, resulting from force majeure, or any malfunction in telecommunications, computer, electrical, and other related equipment.
  • TOPchange not disclose information provided by the User and operations users. TOPchange can provide information on the operations of Members and other users only at the request of the authorized state bodies or officials in the presence of legitimate reasons.
  • User agrees not to violate the actions of statutory regulations.
  • Terms of service User belongs only to himself and the User shall not be entitled to provide services to third parties (both for a fee and free of charge) for the exchange of units of electronic payment systems, based on the use of their services TOPchange.
  • User agrees not to violate the copyright and related rights in the content of the web site service TOPchange recognizing that these rights are protected by law.
  • The User gives his guarantee independent damages and damages caused as a result of the presentation TOPchange monetary or other third party claims resulting from User's use of services TOPchange.
  • Exchange time to TOPchange may be increased due to the availability of services of payment systems, the existence of reserves, and others.
  • TOPchange makes every effort to ensure that operations were carried out as quickly as possible, but TOPchange under no circumstances be liable for the consequences for the user or a business user, that have resulted in the delay of exchange operations.
  • TOPchange reserves the right to refuse service by refusing to complete a transaction to any customer without giving any reason.
  • This Agreement may be amended unilaterally TOPchange.
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