Exchange Rates

Last Change (GMT): 12/10/2018 1:59 PM

  • Service Rate
  • EUR/USD 1.13
  • USD/AED 3.68
  • EUR/AED 4.17
  • USD/IRR 111,000
  • IRR/AED 1
  • EUR/IRR 1


Request order training

Before request order, you must register at site and for that choose register in top of the site.
If you are membership, you must login.
Do it levels as following:

1. Enter your user name
2. Enter password
3. Click on login

4. In exchange request menu, choose, new request

5. Or choose exchange in online calculator

6. Choose exchange service
7. Choose receive service
8. Click on next

9. Choose pay amount and enter how do you need
10. You see, get amount
11. In this section, payment commission is showen
12. Our account is an account that you must pay to it
13. Your account is an account that you need receive money on it
14. If you had payment you must enter payment information at payment information blank
15. If you have question or comment write here
16. Click on next

17. If you have successful request, you see tracking code in next page:

Your request is finished, for following your request you can do it as following:
1. Choose request history in exchange request menu. You can see list of your requests in next page

2. Choose view icon for seeing more about your request

You can see detail of your request in next page, and see our processing for your request in review table as following:
3. Review section, show you our processing
4. send message for management at this section

You can see more information in my request list section
1. see your request status
2. If you have message from management you can see as blue one number

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