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What is the use of making a cryptocurrency wallet in tc?

You can save the desired currency at any time by charging this wallet.

Is it possible to withdraw Rials from cryptocurrencies wallets in tc?

yes Dashboard> withdrawal> bank> select the wallet

Can we save cryptocurrency in our TC wallet?

yes, After making the wallet, you can charge the desired cryptocurrency online - bank - etc...

What is a Ripple Tag?

Regarding the Ripple tag, it should be said that includes 9-digit codes in exchange offices Binance Coinbase Coinex Poloniex TAGS Hotbit Is used.

What is a tag?

It is a term that you must have heard during some digital currency transactions. This tag plays a very important role in the success of the transaction.

What happens if we do not enter the tag?

The amount of deposit will not be identifiable by the exchange and this can lead to the loss of the user's assets.

Is it necessary to enter the wallet address tag?

Sending currencies such as Stellar and Ripple to some addresses requires entering memos or IDs or tags. If a transaction is sent without these items, you may not receive the amount in your account.

Why I have not received the amount yet after making the buy request?

Sometimes it takes a while to verify cryptocurrency transactions (depending on the fee).

can I deposit cryptocurrency to another person's wallet address?

Yes .dashboard> withdrawal>new withdrawal> cryptocurrency >enter the third party wallet address.

How to make buy requests for crypto?

After registering your account in > my account section Select Dashboard>withdrawal>new withdrawal>crypto

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