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How do we know which Tether network is our wallet?

1. USDT-ERC20: Ethereum -based ERC20 protocol Ethereum blockchain address or the same token ERC20 starts with 0x. 2. USDT-Omni: Tether dollar based on Bitcoin-based Omni Layer protocol. If your tether address is for the OMNI platform starts with numbers 1 or 3 or phrases Bc1. 3.USDT-TRON: Tether dollar based on TRC20 protocol based on blockchain TRON. Tron blockchain tether address starts with T.

Can I keep the amount in my TC wallets at any time after charging Fiat wallets or crypto?

Yes, no problem, you can keep the amount in your TC wallets as long as you want.

Where can I see the list of transactions to charge my wallet using the cryptocurrency method?

Dashboard>deposit>requests list>crypto payment

What is the transaction hash and where can I find it ?

Each transaction that takes place in blockchain system has a unique identifier. we call it hash or tx hash or transaction ID. A hash is actually a sequential and random set of letters and characters.

How long does it take for us to receive cryptocurrencies transactions?

Sometimes it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to approve transactions.(depending on the fee).

What cryptocurrency wallets can we make in TC?

Wallets like : Dash-Bitcoin-Ethereum-Lightcoin-Tether-Ripple-Dogecoin and Stellar

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