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Where can I see the list of transactions to charge my wallet through electronic money?

Dashboard>deposit>requests list>E-money payment

Should Skrill or Neteller account be verified?

If your account is not approved, there are restrictions on transferring money.

Do we have to pay a fee to open a Skrill account?

Skrill does not charge anything when opening an account. Opening an account is completely free. Time to close the account; skrill will return the total balance in your account.

Which part should we go to to see our latest transactions in our Perfect Money account?

In your pm account HISTORY section.

How to notify TC after depositing the amount?

Click on the My Payments option and enter the requested information.

How can I transfer the amount from someone else's E-money account to the TC's E-money account?

Dashboard> deposit> New Request> E money> Enter the third party’s wallet number .

What is the Perfect Money wallet number?

Your Perfect Money wallet number includes 7 to 8 digits and It starts with U.

My web money wallet is Alias. Is there a limit?

YES - For Alias Webmoney wallet, transaction limit in daily-weekly-monthly period Respectively are 100-200-500 USD.

How many types of web money accounts do we have?

Web Money accounts in order of restrictions: Alias-formal-Initial-personal-merchant.

Where can we find the TC's E-wallets number?

After sending a DEPOSIT request, our wallet number will be sent in your request for your transfer.

How can I find my web money wallet number?

Your web money wallet number includes 12 digits and It starts with Z.

Where can I register my Electronic money account?

from the dashboard section then Accounts> My Accounts> Electronic Money Accounts> New Electronic Money Accounts.

How to Submit a request to charge my TC wallet using the electronic money method?

After registering your e-money account select : Dashboard> deposit> New Request> Electronic Money

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