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How can I transfer money from my wallet, to someone's wallet or to another company’s wallet in Topchange?

To do this, go to “My Wallet” from your dashboard and click on the option “Internal Transfer” and fill out the form. This transfer is done automatically.

What is the reason for not verifying a bank account?

If the information you enter is incomplete or invalid or the account is not defined in your own name, it will be rejected by the TC experts.

What information is required when filling out a bank account registration form?

Bank name, account number and card number are required. When creating a bank account with currencies like USD, EUR, AED or CNY entering IBAN number and Swift Code are mandatory.

How can I send my account information to the company I want when transferring money to that company’s wallet at TC?

Enter the information you want to send in “More Info” section in your Internal Transfer request form.

What is the difference between “Transit” and “Saving” accounts?

Saving wallets are specified for depositing into your own wallets and Transit wallets.

Am I able to create a wallet with the currency I want?

After registering based on the country of your choice, wallets will be made for you by default and their types are savings accounts.

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