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“Point” is a term used to refer to the amount you get by having some special transactions at TC. You can check out the balance of your points in your “Dashboard”.
Here’s how you can withdraw your points and get funds:

You will be awarded points while exchanging or transferring funds internally to other users. You can deposit your points in your TC wallets or you can withdraw them in your bank account by collecting over 50 points.

The following table provides the user with Points earned per transaction:

In USD transactions you get one dollar for each Point and in other currency calculations, the amount of your transaction is first converted into dollars and then the point is determined.

Ex: If you buy a service worth 100,000 dirhams, the calculations are as follows:

USD/AED= 3.68$

100,000 (AED)  ÷ 3.68$=27,174$

27,174$ ÷ 1000 = 27.17$

Because each Point is worth a dollar you get about $ 27.17 Points.

# Type of the operation The amount of each USD transaction Point value in dollars
  Buy 1000 1
2 Sell 2000 1
3 Voucher 1000 1
4 Exchange 1000 1
5 Internal Transfer 10,000 1



How to withdraw points

To withdraw your points, Enter “Withdraw” and then click on “New Withdrawal”.

Point withdrawal page includes your points balance, minimum withdrawal amount, the wallet you intend to transfer the points to, and the Point value.

Empty boxes should be filled in according to what the site has asked you to do.

After completing the form, click on “Withdraw points” to enter the “Confirm Withdrawal Points” page. By activating “Yes, I'm Sure” and “Withdraw Points”, your request is complete.

Enter “Points” section to check your Balance and withdrawal.
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