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How to verify account on TC?


In Profile, you can access personal account information and password changing section and if necessary, verify each of the information.


Personal Verification: (Mandatory)
Acceptable documents: (Passport, Smart ID card, Birth certificate or any valid governmental certificates that has not expired.

The personal information recorded on the site must exactly match the submitted documentary information. Pay attention to the expiration date of the submitted document. The image of the document must be legible and of the high quality. Name and last name should be entered in profile completely. The date of birth of the Christian era must be correct.



Address Verification: (Optional)
Please use the official bills that are in your name. For example: Bill of water, electricity, gas, telephone / home document / current year lease contract/ the front page of the bank account where the address is located.



“My Profile” page is divided into several sections:

Account Information: The account information provided in this section can be displayed.
Personal Information: Your personal information can be displayed in this section and you must use this section for personnel verifications.
Address: Information about the location of each person can be displayed .
Change Password:To change the password, see this section.

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