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About My Wallet

The TC system is designed to give you various wallets by default And you can easily redeem your wallet through the bank, cash, and services described in the TC section Or withdraw money from your wallets into your bank accounts. It should be noted that TC has designed just one wallet for each currency by default and you can make more wallets from any currency. In the "My Wallet" section, you can transfer funds between your wallets or send money to friends or other people's wallet. You can also see all your transactions.

My Wallets




In this section, the wallet is automatically created by the TC system and you can add more it if necessary. The number of making each wallet has a limit. After wallet creation, you will not be able to remove your wallets, you can just disable them.




Edit & Transactions

By clicking on three points, you can edit or verify your transactions.




Add New Wallet


Enter the Wallet section and click on "New wallet" to open the creation page. Required fields should be filled in as required, and at the end you must click on " Add wallet".

A tip about "Who can see my wallet" The way your account is displayed to others is very important, To adjust it, you must follow the steps below:

My Wallet>Wallet>Edit Wallet>Who can see my wallet:
  • Nobody: No one will be able to view your bank account number.
  • Friends: Your account number can only be displayed to your friends.
  • Everyone: Everyone can view your account number.

After clicking on "Add wallet", you will be back to the "Wallet" page and you can see your new wallets there.


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