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In this section, you can convert services defined by the TC site to one another. If The currency of the services is not the same, the site automatically converts the services to each other at a global rate. There is no need to use any wallets here and you can convert your own electronic money to another.


Click on "New Request" to enter Exchange request page.
On the request service conversion page, empty boxes should be completed according to our website's requirements.
  • If "Get By A Third Party" is active:

    In the Saved service account section, the account you have previously registered will be displayed.

  • If "Get By A Thirs Party" is inactive:

    In the "Receiver service account number" field, the recipient's exact information must be filled in manually.

After the final registration, your request will be displayed as follows. By clicking on three points you can edit it for a adding the payment information.
The edit page includes 5 parts:
  1. Request Details (Description of the request)
  2. Messages (Send and receive messages)
  3. My Payments (Add your payment information here)
  4. TC Payments (The description of the payment)
  5. Status History (A description of the operation performed on each part of your request)
My Payments
Click on the blue circle on the bottom and right of the page to describe your payment to open the "Add new service payment" page then fill out the empty boxes according to what the site is asking for.
  1. If "Paid By Third Party" is acive:

    It means you are the payer and your account will be entered automatically.

  2. If "Paid By Third Party" is inactive:

    It means the payer is someone else and you have to enter the account number manually.

"Done" Status of your form means that the currency conversion operation has been ended. You can check the information in "TC Payment".
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