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Internal Transfer

Internal Transfer is divided into Paid and Received sections.


For Paid operation or sending fund to others' wallets, you must click on the "New transfer" that is shown in the image.

Empty boxes should be filled in according to what the website asked for. Finally, if all the boxes are filled correctly the Internal Transfer option will be activated and you can submit your request.

A tip about sending funds to your friend's wallet: It is possible in two ways:

  1. Click on the magnifier on the right side of the page and you will see "Find Friend's Wallet" tab. If you have already added your friends, you can choose them here by default.
  2. Enter the account number manually. If the recipient's account number was not found for any reasons, this means that the recipient has disabled the wallet view for everyone so you have to ask them to enter their wallet and edit it.


After filling in the boxes and sending the form, you'll enter another page for final approval. If you are sure of transferring your funds, you must enable "Yes I'm Sure" option and click on "Transfer Amount" to finish the operation.

At the end of your operation, you will re-enter the "Paid> Internal Transfer" page and you can see your transaction description.


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